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Tin Woodman: “30/Forty (The Rules Of Mixing Souls)” is the brand new single out today via Retro Vox Records

Tin Woodman, the Italian project formed by Simone Ferrari (Simon Diamond)Davide Chiari (Dave The Wave) and Tin Woodman, the robot landed from the secret city of Wautah in order to become a rock star, are back to change a lot of things. Both as regards the music, rougher than the last album Songs For Eternal Lovers, and as regards the lyrics, directed towards a very strong social critique.

30/Forty (The Rules Of Mixing Souls), the brand new single out today March 24th, 2023 via Retro Vox Records, is the first demonstration of this new path, and it’s a “superfuck” to any form of constraint. According to the band: “Our world is far complex than a place where to live pigeonholed, structured, moved and posed to static roles, forcedly pushed towards order. Society needs to be kept in constant explanation to hold people in a blind faith far from the truth of a colorful world. We chose to criticize this kind of duress. It is definitely not a proper ‘Fuck off’, it is far stronger, a ‘Superfuck’ whoever wants to judge without being judged, for who’s not ready to changes that are already happening. Open your eyes to see family fathers becoming shameless queers, women bored by an old kind of femininity, fake ‘good guys’ in office uniform feeling high without looking at who stands around themselves and kinky muscular brailess dudes who want to lick the weirdest things you can imagine. We are filled with secrets and ready to explode, each one of us full of true personality that depict who we are inside. We can’t be shy just to indulge in imposed rules“.

30/Forty (The Rules Of Mixing Souls) tells all of this by placing itself between psychedelic glam-rock and hip hop sincerity, with sparkling Sixties pop vocals. The song was recorded at La Buca Recording Club in Montichiari (Brescia), renowned for its analog sound.

So, 30/Forty (The Rules Of Mixing Souls) renews the engaging and personal blend of Tin Woodman, highlighted with last year’s album Songs For Eternal Lovers, a mine of killer singles, an eclectic journey around the concept of love with the involvement of guests such as DELLERA (Afterhours, The Winstons), Chiara Amalia Bernardini (KICK), and Wawa Sané among others. Songs For Eternal Lovers follows the debut EP Metal Sexual Toy Boy and the first album Azkadellia, released between 2017 and 2018.

Simon Diamond and Dave The Wave have always been engaged in long tours, in the most important Italian clubs, also supporting colleagues such as Public Service Broadcasting and The Last Internationale, and Tin Woodman, the world’s only on-stage music-making robot, is getting revamped, with a new feature upgrade covering lights and movements. The band started touring on February 2022 to promote Songs For Eternal Lovers reaching 40 gigs ’round Italy faster than they did with previous tours. On 12th August 2022 Tin Woodman played at the great Sziget Festival in Budapest on Light Stage, facing a huge crowd from all over Europe and beyond.

During November 2022 Tin Woodman recorded two new singles, which will be released in the first months of the current year, as they were stepping stones between 2022 LP’s songs and next works, linked to each other and presented through two “movie posters” and two upcoming videos shot on the same day and in the same location with 90s aesthetic by Iacopo Barattieri (Studio Brado). 30/Forty (The Rules Of Mixing Souls) is the first step of this new adventure, and it is the right track to mix your souls with others.


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