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Yesterday Will Be Great share new psych-kraut single “(Other) Points Of You”, out now via Blooms Recordings

The instrumental band Yesterday Will Be Great – also known by the acronym YWBG – marks the current year with the release of the brand new single (Other) Points Of You, out today 10th May, 2024 via Blooms Recordings.

After the debut album The Weather Is Fantastic of 2022, recorded under the supervision of Nicola Manzan (Bologna Violenta, Ronin), (Other) Points Of You acts as a bridge between the past and the future of the Italian trio, which explains: «(Other) Points Of You is (re)born from the need to give complete and definitive shape to the opening track, titled Points, from our latest album The Weather Is Fantastic. The track was included at that time in the album as an intro, with the idea of developing it later».

Yesterday Will be Great are always led by deus ex machina Simone Ricci on the visionary guitars (ex Kisses From Mars and already active with the solo project The Nude, as well as artistic co-producer of the label Blooms Recordings), and completed by the experienced Giuseppe De Domenico on bass and the eclectic new entry Marco Baldini on drums.

Recorded at the PMS Studio in Ravenna, trio’s operational base, (Other) Points Of You show the band’s actual sound, capable of expressing great power despite its minimalism, moving between post-rock and psychedeliakrautrock and shoegaze. According to the three musicians: «The mantric obsessiveness of the guitar represents the points of view, both weak and strong, which constitute the personality and therefore the uniqueness of each of us».

The single in a shorter version is supported by a video directed by Gerardo La Mattina and edited by Marco Baldini and Mattia Bubbani. The setting is a welcoming living room where YWBG represent the music listened to by a (dancing) couple who live there, made up of the well known post-punk Italian musicians Alessandra Gismondi and Luca Bandini (Pitch, Schonwald, and Shad Shadows).

Yesterday Will be Great‘s new sonic direction is accompanied by a new logo, chosen also as the cover artwork of (Other) Points Of You. It was created by the American artist Eric K Stevens and shows a black wolf on a red background. The wolf is calm but aggressive if needed, just like the music played by YWBG.


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