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R.Y.F. unveils “Can I Can U”, the third single off “Deep Dark Blue”, her new album due for release on Bronson Recordings on April 5th. The single features Skin from Skunk Anansie

Can I Can U feat. Skin” is the third single off “Deep Dark Blue,” the new album by Italian artist Francesca Morello — better know as R.Y.F., to be released April 5th 2024 via Bronson Recordings.

Available on all digital platforms as of today, March 15, 2024, the new single Can I Can U feat. Skin is an electro dance house bomb with the grit of lashing alt-rock guitars, where the ideals of queer and feminist subversion, against homophobia, transphobia and patriarchy, deflagrate in a refrain that is a true anthem to be memorized and sung at the top of one’s lungs: “Can I? Can U / Be outrageously queer and stand here without any fear?

Can I Can U feat. Skin was born in collaboration with Skin herself who, after writing her own parts, interpreted them in her unmistakable voice-one of the most acclaimed in the UK-for generations of music fans. The song became an enthralling back-and-forth, a duet that mounts in anger and energy until the liberating explosion of the chorus, sung in unison, and the dark, syncopated finale. Skin needs no introduction, charismatic frontwoman of the legendary Skunk Anansie – one of the most relevant bands in the second half of the 1990s in combining quality, in a crossover of rock, heavy metal, blues and soul, and public success – and also active as a solo artist, as well as DJ and remixer, fashion icon, actress and activist.

R.Y.F. talks about the song, “Can I Can U was born in response to the prejudice, fear and hatred in the air lately, the closed-mindedness, impositions and lack of dialogue. Once again, I felt the need to write a song that celebrated love, the universal love with a capital L. I am referring to love without constraints or hierarchies, without limits of time and space, the love of sharing, the love of romance and the love of friendship, with a willingness to stand up for different and minority views, as well as, of course, my queer family and community. Too often we are treated as if we embody a disease to be eradicated, capable of infecting the world. If so, I will put myself in the forefront to spread our festive and fabulous disease against heteropatriarchy and religious or political fanaticism.”

Adding, about the partnership with Skin, “The idea that Skin could, together with me, voice this message thunderstruck me from the very beginning of the composition of the song. I wanted it to be a dance track, but with some badass guitars, to still give it both a brushstroke of alt-rock, with a nice direct but joyful message, in line with our commitment and activism. With this collaboration, one of my dreams came true. Our friendship and mutual esteem made this magic happen. In my heart, the exchanges of ideas via message as we brought Can I Can U to life will remain indelible.”


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