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R.Y.F. unveils “Lies”, the second single off “Deep Dark Blue”, her new album due for release on Bronson Recordings on April 5th; watch the brand new video

Lies is the second single from Deep Dark Blue, the new album by Italian artist Francesca Morello — better know as R.Y.F., to be released April 5th 2024 via Bronson Recordings.

Available on all digital platforms as of today, February 23, 2024, the super sexy new single Lies approaches the theme of suffering with a smile on its face, transforming into an irresistible electroclash cartridge that erases bruises and fucks away pain with dance-punk rhythms, fluorescent pop melodies, and irreverent lyrics (“I wanna have my clit like Pinocchio’s nose / And lie and fuck it all night long“), with contributions from Matteo Vallicelli (The Soft Moon, Death Index) on synthesizers.

Speaking on the single, R.Y.F. explains: “Lies is my sexy key to reacting to the suffering that was devastating me. At the beginning of the song, there is a blatant textual homage to Peaches, whom I obviously adore. The fun-filled attitude also infected the music itself, as I used a sample of a vocal recording of one of my orgasms to create a section of the beat“.

The single is accompanied by a music video by Silvia Maggi, an Italian director and film-maker active in Berlin who has become known for her stories that capture and shine a light on queer people, underground communities and body positivity. About the video, R.Y.F. comments: “I contacted Silvia Maggi because I thought she might have the right angle for a video that I envisioned as bold. I assume the video will stir some spirits but it was essential to include some body positivity and sex positivity since the lyrics, which superficially can only be considered playful, are about how suffering can overwhelm you and put you in the position of having to defeat it“.



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