The extreme drift of post-punk. An industrial/mechanical rhythmic merges with an explosion of noise made of fuzz, reverb and heavy effects. This is the trajectory taken by submeet, Italian trio from Mantua composed by Zannunzio, Andrea Guardabascio and Jacopo Rossi. After an EP, "Terminal" is their first album to be released on January 24th 2020 on Lady Sometimes Records and inspired by airport imagery. Flying with them is a must!

submeet: the post-punk Italian band appreciated by Preoccupations will release debut album Terminal on January 24th 2020 on Lady Sometimes Records

The place we were inspired by is the airport. Not one in particular, but the imagery of all the elements that make up the experience of traveling by flight. By plane is the fastest and most comfortable way to move, but it’s also the one in which you are subjected to a greater identity control.

In the fragmented age in which we live in there’s something that keep us together, and to which we cannot escape: the noise. Not only the one of the streets or crowded places, soundtrack of our daily life, but also the constant background buzz that conveys news and ideas to make us homologated, all facing the same direction. It’s the least recognizable sound in the media blitz  we are subjected to. To try to pick up the signals of a frenetic society with no way out, submeet have entered one of the noisiest existing places: an airport terminal, with the voices and screams of the passengers that merge with the din of the planes that land or take off. It’s in this place of passage and exchange that Terminal was born, the first album out January 24, 2020 on vinyl and digital on Lady Sometimes Records by the Italian trio formed by Andrea Zanini, Andrea Guardabascio and Jacopo Rossi that had previously released a homonymous EP in 2017.

Since then many things have changed. The sound, first of all: from the shoegaze of the early times submeet have moved on to a hybrid of post-punk and noise with very specific references. In recent years the band has played a lot, both in Italy and abroad, through the word of mouth of fellow musicians and professionals. And so they have opened gigs for Be Forest, Soviet Soviet, and also for Preoccupations who personally chose submeet as supporting act. “Sharing the stage with them was obviously a great thrill for us, ’cause they are one of our favorite bands and we are referring to them. But it was even better to receive their appreciation. We have been in contact for some time and maybe soon we will meet them again… “.

In Terminal‘s furious sound there are at least two possible landmarks: the already mentioned Preoccupations, because of the post-punk aspects, and the sonic noise of A Place To Bury Strangers. But submeet’s style goes further: from hieratic clangs that explode in out-of-control outbursts – it happens on the first single Terminal, with a video realized by Zannunzio –  to the less sharp sounds of the second single Nimby or the frantic flashes of BGYwithout giving up the song-form, the Mantuan trio assembles tracks often characterized by sudden rhythmic changes (Makkathronic and RA815 REV. 0), loose bits of noise-punk (Boelcke), shoegaze legacies (White Arms), night rides in abandoned urban spaces (Capsule Hotel) and expanded Cronenberg-style nightmares of flesh and metal (Audiodrome).

Terminal is not a concept but it’s an album with very specific coordinates also regarding the lyrics: “In our songs we talk about the rejection of the alienating condition to which a post-industrial society in which we do not recognize ourselves is subjected but of which we speak the same language made of metallic, distorted and deafening noises. ‘Terminal’ means death, in general. Death of men as death of consciousness, of authenticity and freedom of thought. ‘Terminal’ means also a screen/monitor in which modern society where people really live is reflected . The airport meaning of the term, instead, turns to a glimmer of hope; it’s an end, yes, but from which we can start again”.

The collaboration with Davide Chiari from Tin Woodman (Centuries Reverb) in the production process has been important: “We had never made completely analog recordings before, so it was a wide-ranging experiment. Davide empathized with us and advised us starting from the choice of the location of the recordings  – a concrete chamber located in an underground car park – until the insertion of unusual tricks in the mix that characterized the sound”. Then, Terminal was mastered by Stefano Vanoni (Saturn Masters). Let’s prepare to take off!

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