God Of The Basement

God Of The Basement is an heavy pop band formed by Tommaso Tiranno, Enrico Giannini, Rebecca Lena and Alessio Giusti. An explosion of sound and image. After second album "Bobby Is Dead", "TUM", "Loaded" and the brand new "Tale Of A Devil" are their latest singles released via Stock-a Production.

God Of The Basement: Tale Of A Devil (And A Bar Table) is the brand new single by Italian heavy pop band, out now via Stock-a Production

The new year starts with a new single by Italian heavy pop band God Of The BasementTale Of A Devil (And A Bar Table) is out now via the independent label Stock-a Production.

Tale Of A Devil (And A Bar Table) is a nocturnal song, minimal but with a strong impact, wrapped in a hazy and melancholy sound. The rhythm section, with bass and drums, produces an anxious heartbeat, while guitar’s chords and synthesizers spread like a horrific psych-soul fog. Everything proceeds in the direction of a pro-Caribbean party, punctuated by riffs, marimba and a futuristic vocoder, to be consumed in a shabby metropolitan club, where the main influences Childish Gambino and Balthazar could celebrate sadness together.

Tale Of A Devil (And A Bar Table) tells of a disturbing and very close encounter with a demonic entity. The mind remembers the various steps that anticipate it: motivations, sensations, hesitations. The devil is not the embodiment of evil but the representation of the multiple dark sides that distinguish each of us. The invitation is not to be afraid of them but to interact with them in order to achieve a more complete and honest self-knowledge. A table at the bar, or a mirror that reflects one’s essence.

God Of The Basement, often abbreviated with the acronym GOTB, is a project born in a basement in the East End of London from an idea of Tommaso Tiranno (vocals) and Enrico Giannini (guitar and sampling), then formed in Florence thanks to the arrival of Rebecca Lena (bass and visual art) and Alessio Giusti (drums). Their explosive mix of sound and image moves between grooves, catchy melodies, electricity and an aesthetic that combines surreal visions and pop culture, diving in urban atmospheres that are as contemporary as retro-futuristic.

Tale Of A Devil (And A Bar Table) follows previous singles TUM and Loaded, dating back to 2022. But this is only the beginning of a new artistic phase yet to be written and revealed that, after the self-titled debut of 2018 and the eclectic Bobby Is Dead of 2021, will lead soon to the third God Of The Basement’s album.

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