Dead Visions

Dead Visions are a garage punk band formed by Francesco Mandelli (vocals), Cesar P. Bigelow (guitar), Federico Giammattei (guitar), Carlo Alberto Maria Rossi (bass) and Sergio Innocenti (drums). Their debut album "A Sea Of Troubles", recorded live at Alberto Ferrari's Henhouse Studio, will be out on May 29, 2020 for Slimer Records.

Dead Visions: Italian garage punk band’s debut album A Sea Of Troubles will be released on May 29, 2020 by Slimer Records

A Sea Of Troubles, quoting Shakespeare’s Hamlet, is where we find ourselves every day, every time we face the inner horror made out of uncertainties, fears and anxieties. This is where ghosts swim and  ugly “visions” drown, when awareness evolves into revenge. It is a state of mind, a place-not a place for the origin and overcoming of all our problems.

A Sea Of Troubles, to be released on May 29, 2020 by Slimer Records on vinyl and all digital platforms, is the debut album by  Dead Visions and you will find yourself in a sea of trouble even listening to their no-frills r’n’r. While the cover artwork reminds us of another sea of trouble, that one caused by global pollution, in the specific case by water pollution: we are blowing up the planet and the planet is pointing this out to us…

Dead Visions line-up stabilized in 2018, when the singer Francesco Mandelli – known in Italy as actor, screenwriter, director, writer and TV presenter but already playing music several times, from his previous band Orange to the collaboration with his friend Adam Green – decided to join Cesar P. Bigelow, Federico Giammattei, Carlo Alberto Maria Rossi and Sergio Innocenti, respectively on guitars, bass and drums.

To preserve the energy of the performances, A Sea Of Troubles has been recorded entirely live, on tape, and then mixed at Alberto Ferrari (Verdena)‘s legendary Henhouse Studio. The production is by Iacopo Bigagli (sound engineer for The Soft Moon, Boy Harsher, Dirty Fences), contributing also to arrangements and lyrics, while the mastering phase was handled by Gianni Peri.

A Sea Of Troubles was born of love for garage punk music, that is in fact a style of music but above all it is a lifestyle, difficult to go through with, risky and mischievous: however, the only possible way for the Italian band. There are  the danger and fun of everyday life, including open wounds, scars and memories. There are the dust and the humidity of the rehearsal rooms, the smell of the instruments after the sweat and the beers spilled over, the kilometers to reach the gigs, the money spent in records and denim jackets, relationships exploded due to a trip to see a concert…

The first single Black Seagull talks about spells and curses, about the situations that imprison people and the strength necessary to get rid of them. The tracklist goes on with the epic Dust, the burning riff of To Love Who Burns, the bluesy auto-hymn Dead Visions, the melodic energy of the second single I Got You, the catacombal psychobilly of Creatures Of The Night, the Strokes aptitude shown in Belong and the zombies-Blur met in Boys & Girls, the dark country of Death Knocks On My Door and the tarantulated rhythm of the final Last Train.

To those out there who love Stooges, Cramps, Gun Club, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Dead Moon and Not Moving, the roughest and most foul-smelling sounds generated between the 60s and 70s in New York or Detroit, the ten songscontained in A Sea Of Troubles will ensure a good dose of electrical satisfaction, on the road, at the frenetic speed of the city to escape in the direction of the wildest nature… or to nowhere because, in the end, you always come to terms with reality.

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