Città Deserta

Città Deserta born from the productions of Luca Landi & Mattia Gabbrielli and from the drums of Fabio Ricciolo. Carpenter-style arpeggiators and the soundtracks of Alessandroni inspire to the sound defined space-cowboy kraut that distinguishes the band. The first single "The Lawn" will be released on 31th May, 2024 by Annibale Records.

New space-cowboy kraut band Città Deserta unveils debut single The Lawn, out on 31th May, 2024 via Annibale Records

The horizon is made of sand and fog, but there is something mysterious lurking in the shadows, something ready to be discovered. It is Città Deserta, the new project born during the pandemic from the studio productions of Luca Landi (synthesizers, electric guitar, saxophone, vocals) and Mattia Gabbrielli (bass, synthesizers, electric guitar, piano, vocals), as well as from the drums and percussion by Fabio Ricciolo.

The sound of the Florentine band could be defined as space-cowboy kraut, inspired by the synths of John Carpenter and by the soundtracks of Italian masters such as Alessandro Alessandroni, Piero Umiliani, and Giuliano Sorgini.

The tracks of Città Deserta take shape from the ideas of Landi, frontman of the psych-garage rock band Go!Zilla, and Gabbrielli, current bassist of the acid pop band Plastic Man, evoking a cinematic imagery that arises in both a conscious and unconscious way.

The instrumental debut single The Lawn will be released digitally on 31th May, 2024 via Annibale Records. The track starts with an overbearing groove and enters into mists with a fantasy-horror mood. As if Once Upon a Time in the West mixed with Dawn of the Dead and Ghosts of Mars.

According to the band: «The Lawn is one of the most representative tracks of Città Deserta‘s musical research, with melodies and sounds on the border between the apocalypse and the resurrection!».


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