Press office - Communication - Music consultant & PR


Digipur is a press office born from the journalistic experience, especially in the music field, of Elena Raugei, in collaboration with Fabio Guastalla. Our goal is to convey quality artistic projects in the best communication form.

The name Digipur derives from the herbaceous plant Digitalis purpurea. Leaves covered with reticulated veins and capsule fruit make its aspect extremely futuristic, projected into modernity. “Digitalis” comes from the Latin “digitas”, which means “fingers”, just those fingers beating on the computer keyboard whenever we type words. Like music and any other form of art deserving to be known in times of harmless mediocrity, the beauty of the plant is equal to its danger. It’s no coincidence that one of its nicknames is “opium of the heart”: it’s curative because it can slow down and stabilize the heart rhythm, but it’s potentially toxic, like a lethal drug. Another of its famous nicknames is “witches’ gloves”, because those who knew its properties ran the risk of being accused of witchcraft.


We spread news and press kits of artistic projects to mass media, enhancing their characteristics and working on the long distance.


We pay great attention to language, directed to press releases or social networks, studying personalized strategies.


We offer our knowledge of the musical environment and contact management with insiders, also in view of new opportunities.